Empowering service providers to deliver the nbn™

At Wideband, we get that when you’re growing your integrator, ISP, or VoIP business, managing the orders, deployment and support of nbn™ tails can be frustrating. So we’ve custom-made an automated solution to solve all your network aggregation and deployment problems.

Our wholesale nbn™ service can simplify your entire network operation down to one connection, and one interface. This makes it much easier to sell, deploy and service new customer connections, while also cutting down network complexity and management.

Whether your focus is sales or technical, we’ll help you build your business with the nbn™

When our customers win, we win too – so we’re here to help you develop your nbn™ service offering. Whether your expertise as a company is purely in the technical space or you’re more of a virtual provider with a big focus on sales, you can count on us to be here to support you.

Our automated wholesale nbn™ deployment system, and sales & technical teams can assist you in providing everything from single services to complex solutions with ease.

Plus, we also save you from many of the common issues that service providers experience in dealing with the nbnco.

Attract and connect new customers from any of the 121 nbn™ points of interconnect (POIs)

With our new automated wholesale service, you’ll have access via dedicated fibre links to any of the 121 nbn™ POIs around Australia to connect new customers to your network. This gives you an incredible geographic market to sell to, but without having to worry about buying multiple network interconnects and backhaul.

We provide the connection, while giving you complete control over your own CVC bandwidth and contention ratios with state or national levels of aggregation (all from your wholesale interface). These can easily be scaled with just 15 minutes’ notice to maintain your preferred contention ratios and accommodate your expanding customer base.

B2B Layer 2 nbn™ made easy

Whether you need to primarily deliver internet access to your business customers via Traffic Class 4 (TC-4), or deliver a dedicated voice service via Traffic Class 1 (TC-1) – we can customise a technical solution to suit your needs.

We can also help you customise your offering, by creating business plans using NBNCo’s popular speed tiers, ranging from 12/1Mbps up to 100/40Mbps.

Take control with our seamless nbn™ B2B automation system

We know first-hand the frustrations when it comes to wholesaling nbn™ via a third-party arrangement. This is why we were the first to build a custom B2B automation system that facilitates seamless interaction between you and NBNCo.

Our ‘no-touch’ nbn™ B2B interface makes it effortless to process high-volume orders, create connection appointments, perform network diagnostics and lodge incident reports. All quicker, and easier than ever before.

Wideband wholesale nbn™ is packed with these great features:

  • Complete CVC control with state or national aggregation

  • FTTX, Fixed Wireless and HFC nbn™ access types

  • PPPoE for Access Virtual Circuits (AVC)

  • POPs nationwide for full coverage

  • B2B integration

  • Bespoke back-end solutions

  • Responsive network operations centre

  • 100% Australian owned and operated company

  • Dedicated account manager

Australian-based network specialists, available 24/7 to support you

At Wideband, we know that ongoing support is key to success for any service provider, which is why we offer a fully responsive and reliable Network Operations Centre (NOC) here in Australia.

Our local team of specialist network engineers are on standby so you have the support you need for your network at any time.

Talk with us about a solution for your business today

Our experienced solutions team will be happy to tailor an nbn™ wholesale arrangement that meets your business objectives, as well as answer any questions you may have. For a FREE consultation, simply leave your details below and we’ll be in touch soon.

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