Technology that’ll go the distance

Not everyone has an office in the main street of town. If you don’t, then the big carriers will likely tell you that they can’t help you.

That’s not good enough for us. At Wideband, we understand the needs of regional and rural Australia. You want good technology that’ll allow you to connect to the internet and do what you need to do online, just like everyone else.

And with us, you can.

Shoot your connection through the air with Microwave

Wideband carries the required licensing to be able to setup microwave telecommunications connections to customers in many different locations. But the best place for microwave is where there’s no other suitable option.

All it takes is setting up an antenna that can be pointed back to our nearest repeater tower and you’re in business. This service can give you similar speeds to what you’ll experience on other broadband services, meaning you’ll get a great connection that lets you do what you need to do, fast.

Fast fibre connections

A high-bandwidth fibre internet connection will give you quick, reliable connectivity that you can count on.

Available at up to 10Gbps in a number of regional areas, this service is perfect for when you’ve got a big team or require a fast link to the internet.

Get nbn™ at your office and get connected

Wideband is an nbn™ service provider, meaning you can order nbn™ for your premises and get it connected to the internet through us.

Coming in a variety of speeds of up to 100Mbps and several connectivity types (Copper, Fibre and Coaxial), we can provide you a great broadband service you’ll enjoy using.

ADSL you can rely on

If your office is only small and you can’t get access to the nbn™, then Wideband ADSL is the way to go.

We have a huge network of ADSL equipped exchanges right across Australia, meaning you can use your existing copper telephone service to connect to the internet with us at up to 12.5Mb/s.

Aggregate networks for those businesses who have more than one site

By combining the best of each technology available above at your individual office sites, our skilled engineers can give you a reliable network for your whole business. No matter where it’s located.

With a range of data network options to match the big telcos, we can give you a service you can trust, at a price you can afford.

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Our Australian team would love to help you

Wideband is an Australian company that only employs Australian staff. So when you call us, you’ll speak directly with someone here who can help with your enquiry. And all in a matter of minutes.

Our team handles everything from administration and billing, to sales and technical support, so you’ll never be redirected to an overseas call centre.

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From a rural technologist expert

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