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For many larger businesses, being offline can cost thousands of dollars per hour. With even 20 staff who need the internet and the phones to do their jobs, you’re talking at least $600 per hour in wages, let alone the bigger value of lost business.

If you simply cannot have your business be offline, it’s time to chat with us about a redundancy solution.

We have a range of network

Redundancy (or failover / diverse carriage) services are where you have multiple network connections to your office, so that if one goes offline, the other will work straight away.

Here are some example solutions:

  • Wideband nbn™ (Primary) and your secondary service on Wideband Microwave

  • Wideband Fibre (Primary) and your secondary service on Wideband nbn™

  • Wideband nbn™ (Primary) and your secondary service on Wideband Ethernet

ORWe may even combine other carrier services as part of the solution if needed, such as a failover to a 4G Router, or
an alternative carrier altogether.

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What is ‘diversity’?

There’s two different types – Carrier Diversity and Diverse Carriage.

Carrier Diversity

This is simply where you get your primary service from Wideband and your secondary service from another carrier. This gives better protection if the network of one carrier goes down, but this won’t help if they both come into the building on the same cable (and the cable is cut or damaged).

Diverse Carriage

Is where you have two services coming into the building, on two different paths. One might be from the front, one might be from down the side, but neither meet anywhere between your network switch and the source of where your internet comes from.

Ultimately it depends on your acceptable levels of risk – if your business will lose a few thousand dollars per hour if your service goes down, then Diverse Carriage is critical. If you’d like good protection but want a cheaper option (and can accept some slightly higher risk), then simply get two different Wideband services.

Installed by expert network engineers

Our network engineers can help you design a level of redundancy into your network, combining the right type of services to meet your needs, while also keeping within your budget.

We’ll also oversee the provisioning and installation of the service, ensuring your new network is setup exactly as you expected it to be.

Supported 24×7, right here in Australia

Wideband is an Australian company with a great team of local, Australian staff. We don’t believe in outsourcing call centres overseas, so our team handles everything from administration and billing, to sales and technical support for you, right here in Australia.

If you’re looking for an enterprise data communications solution from a company that you can call at any time 24×7, then get in touch with us.

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