A phone system that’s built for the internet era

Desk phone systems have changed dramatically over the past few years. With new technologies and features being built into them as well as the core of the system now being hosted on a server, old wall-mount PABX phones have been left behind.

At Wideband, we keep on top of the very latest in IP Phone technology, ensuring our customers have great equipment at affordable prices.

Put your phones in the cloud with Hosted PBX

Gone are the days where your phone system is a heavy electrical box on the wall.

With today’s new IP (Internet) phones, you simply plug into the same data network in the office that your computers do, and the ‘smarts’ of your phone system are instead safely hosted in a data centre.

This not only saves a fortune in traditional carrier charges, but it also gives you a huge number of customisation options (things like call routing, call hunt, groups, teleconferencing, diversions etc) that weren’t available or were expensive to setup before.

Cheaper calls using SIP Trunks

Wideband is an Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP), which means we have the both the technology as well as the expertise to provide your business with a phone system via the internet.

By routing your calls digitally via a ‘SIP Trunk’ that uses your internet connection, your calls will be much cheaper than a traditional phone plan, without losing the quality or reliability you would normally expect from your desk phone system.

Phone Handsets that make communicating easier

A great phone handset with easy-to-use features can make for a more effective day at work. Our IP Phone handsets do everything you need them to do with ease, and a whole lot more.

With simple features that allow you to seamlessly transfer calls to and from mobiles, divert to voicemail or to setup conference calls to get things done, you’ll be glad you upgraded to an IP phone system with us.

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If you’re looking for a new phone solution for your business with support that you can call on 24×7, then get in touch with us.

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