Stop hackers and data thieves in their tracks

Imagine discovering one day that your business bank accounts have been emptied, your files deleted and your website is offline.

Unfortunately, hackers and data thieves do things like this to unsuspecting businesses all too often. Not only could you lose your business over it, but also your reputation if they share your sensitive information on the internet.

That’s why network security is no longer something you can ignore..

Protect your network with Fortinet Firewall technology

At Wideband, we offer one of the most powerful firewall and network protections solutions in Australia, thanks to Fortinet.

Giving you a gateway that allows your staff to safely access the internet through their applications as well as your office files, it ensures that only the right people get through.

It also stops things like ransomware, botnets, zero-day and encrypted malware too, along with every traditional attack you can think of.

Safeguard your internet using Web Filtering

A high-quality Web Filter installed by our engineers can ensure that your staff aren’t hit by viruses, malware or other intrusive applications, while also safeguarding your business from inappropriate content.

Whether it’s a staff-member, contractor or visitor doing something they shouldn’t at work, you can’t afford to risk your business’ reputation or face legal action from people viewing or sharing inappropriate content. A Fortinet Web Filter can easily give you the peace of mind you’re looking for.

Avoid SPAM with our email protection solutions

SPAM isn’t going away unfortunately. But thanks to the latest email protection solutions, you can greatly minimise how much gets through (or eliminate it altogether).

Our technical specialists at Wideband can help customise an anti-SPAM solution for you that’ll stop the hundreds (or thousands) of potential emails you’d otherwise get each day, so you’ll have more time for the emails that matter most.

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Wideband is an Australian company with an expert team of local, Australian staff that handle everything from administration and billing, to sales and technical support.

We don’t have overseas call centres (as we don’t think it’s fair that you should have to call one). If you’re looking for an enterprise data security solution from a company that you can call at any time 24×7, then get in touch with us.

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