A fast symmetrical bandwidth service for internet-hungry users

In some cases, investing in expensive, redundant internet services for things like browsing, trickle-feed backups and volume downloads is a waste of money. Especially if 99.9% uptime isn’t really needed.

That’s why Enterprise Internet Lite is perfect for providing speed without the cost. Using it for your non-critical applications is a smart move, saving you money while taking the pressure off your core internet service.

A great service to add to your network

With the demand for internet bandwidth growing on a daily basis, adding cost-effective capacity to your enterprise network gives you the flexibility to grow your usage without concern.

Even though Enterprise Internet Lite doesn’t have a 99.9% uptime guarantee, it does have a ‘Best Efforts’ restoration guarantee in the rare event of an outage. So you can rely on our expert technical team to do their very best to keep you online at all times.

A service that’s designed to be simple

Enterprise Internet Lite has the following features:

  • Best Efforts SLA

  • Value for money service for volume users

  • Symmetric bandwidth without a set contention ratio

  • IPv4 and IPv6 protocols fully supported

  • Bandwidth from 1Mbps to 10Gbps

  • Unlimited data upload and download

    perfect for data-hungry, non-critical uses

We can even provide a Hosted Firewall for you if you like, for the ultimate in security, flexibility and scalability (just ask our team to add one to your quote).

Some of the companies we’ve provided solutions for

NEW: 6 month Satisfaction Guarantee

Wideband is the only Australian business communications provider that offers a 6 month money-back guarantee on services above $1,000/month (Try getting that from a major telco!).

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Case studies

Investigator College

The Challenge: As a low fee independent school in South Australia with over 700 students enrolled from early learners to year 12, we must make sure that we are receiving the best possible service at the best possible price from all of our suppliers.

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Harris and Wood Real Estate

The Challenge: Harris and wood real estate was rapidly expanding in the Southwest region of Victoria and needed a reliable, secure and expandable phone system with predictable monthly costs and preferably little or no upfront costs! Additionally, it needed to be Installed in a timely manner to match the deadline of their grand opening. However after an onsite survey we found a limited availability of copper pairs which quickly made this project start to look expensive.

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Greyhound Racing Victoria

The Challenge: The Club had ongoing issues with their ADSL Broadband service. Broadband speeds slowed to the point where services were unusable & they were advised due the quality of copper there was nothing that could be done to improve the service. The Club had also tried to implement Public WiFi service for patrons but had to suspend this service due to the poor Broadband speeds.

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Great Southern Credit Management

The Challenge: Great Southern Credit Management has 2 offices based in Victoria, 1 in Adelaide and needed a solution to bring all three of their companies and office locations together. To achieve this, they required a telecommunications provider that understood their needs and could deliver a wide area network (WAN), Internet and hosted telephone system that was both flexible and scalable.

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Bairnsdale International

The Challenge: The Bairnsdale International is located in Eastern Victoria in close proximity of the Gippsland Lakes district, 3 ½ hours from Melbourne. Being the main city in East Gippsland, Bairnsdale attracts many tourists who use Bairnsdale as a base to visit local attractions including water based activities; Fishing, Sailing, Water Skiing through to Bush Walking, Snow Fields, Buchan Caves and much more.

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