Fast and reliable internet for students to focus on lessons, not load time

In our schools and colleges across Australia, fast and reliable access to online resources is critical in supporting students in all aspects of their education.

If you’re an education provider looking for a premium-grade broadband service on the nbn™ that fits within your budget, then eduWide nbn™ is your answer.

Unlimited data without compromising on speed

Usually unlimited data means slow speeds on the nbn™, but not with Wideband – we’ll deliver quantity and quality at a great value rate that will keep your staff and students happy.

Whether it’s our exclusive 250/100Mbps on FTTP or 100/40Mbps on FTTN – your students get unlimited data with high-speed access during the school hours of 4am to 4pm on our congestion-free network.

We figure, why pay for full speeds when your students aren’t at school, so your service is only speed-shaped (DL: 25Mbps) outside school hours between 4pm and 4am as a way to pass on the cost-savings to you.

eduWide nbn™ has great features that make it ideal for the education environment

  • 250/100Mbps Wideband-exclusive speed on FTTP only.

  • 100/40Mbps speed on FTTP or FTTN.

  • Full speed 4am to 4pm, shaped speed (DL: 25Mbps) 4pm to 4am.

  • Unlimited data to cater for all students

  • IPv4 & IPv6 supported

  • 30 IPv4 address (additional IP address available on request)

  • IP routing supported (BYO IP range)

  • SLA with Wideband-managed CPE router

  • Optional Fortinet hosted firewall, web and email filtering available

Our Australian-based team are available 24/7 to support you

Being a 100% Australian company we’re big on helping the next generation of Aussie thinkers, creators and innovators.

Our team of network specialists will always give you the dedicated network support you need to help your students throughout their education.

Some of the schools we provide solutions for

Our 6-month satisfaction guarantee to you

Wideband is the only Australian telco offering a 6-month money-back guarantee on corporate services above $1,000/month – try getting that from the big telcos!

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