Resilient connectivity for large organisations

With businesses having almost total reliance on the internet for communications these days, it’s critical that you choose a service that delivers the speed you need alongside a high level of resiliency.

If you can’t afford for the internet to be slow, intermittent or off altogether, then you need Wideband Enterprise Internet.

Regional, Rural, CBD, Metro and Data Centre

Carrier-grade internet is utilised by businesses in lots of different places these days, from the data centre to the suburban office; and we can handle them all.

With the ability to supply symmetrical services ranging from 1Mbps to 10Gbps, Wideband has the internet you’re looking for and can deliver over multiple connection types:

  • Ethernet over Fibre

  • Point-to-point Dark Fibre

    requires carriage equipment

  • Ethernet over Copper

  • Microwave

  • NBN TC2

  • Ethernet cross-connect in a data centre

Your corporate internet connection is only as good as the carriage it’s delivered on and the upstream redundancy in place. At Wideband, we take Enterprise Internet seriously as it’s one of our highest priority services.

This is why we often deliver our service via redundant carrier tails in the ‘last mile’ to your termination point (in addition to having multiple levels of redundancy upstream).

With 99.95% guaranteed uptime in writing, you can rely on us to deliver a service you can depend on.

Powerful internet that’s all yours to use

Your Wideband Enterprise Internet service comes with a fantastic 1:1 contention ratio, so if you order 100Mbps, you’ll get 100Mbps.

And with UNLIMITED DATA on every service, you’ll be able to fully make use of the connection without worrying about going over your download quota or being speed-shaped.

It’s the smart way to buy bandwidth for your organisation with the knowledge that your monthly costs are fixed.

Wideband Enterprise Internet also features:

  • IPv4 and IPv6 Support

  • BGP Routing

    for easy management

  • Customer access console

    for monitoring and configurations

  • Core network protection

    on selected services for higher redundancy

  • Uptime Service Level Agreement

    99.95% with rebates

  • We can even provide a Hosted Firewall

    for you too, giving you the ultimate in security, flexibility and scalability (just ask our team to add one to your quote).

Request a free consultation

Our experienced team would love to provide you with a tailored solution for your enterprise which works for you, create a formal quote and answer any questions you have. Simply click the button below and fill out the form and we’ll be in touch.

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